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Magnetic Bracelets for Women
Magnetic Bracelets for Women
Selecting magnetic bracelets for women can be a challenging experience especially when there are a wide array of styles and designs available. But most importantly is choosing a quality yet durable product that never loses its magnetic strength.
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Our magnetic bracelets for women are not just therapeutic but they are up-to-the-minute designed. We offer a huge selection of styles that have superb excellence and cost effective prices. Our magnetic bracelets for men and women are fine crafted, can be simple or eloquently detailed and are made with long-lasting material. Not only will our magnetic bracelets surpass your expectations but they may bring surprising therapeutic results.
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More than likely you have probably heard about the many benefits of wearing magnetic bracelets. Yet there are articles that claim there is no scientific proof that magnetic therapy actually works. Although there is no particular scientific evidence on how magnets might work, there are many people who are willing to testify about the numerous benefits they have experienced with magnetic therapy.
Magnetic bracelets for women and men may help a wide range of conditions that includes many healing properties:

Relieves lingering pain
Relaxes muscles and jointscountersunk neodymium magnets
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Decreases inflammation and soreness
Comforts nervous tension and anxiety
Enhances blood circulation and helps regulate menstruation
Improves tissue oxygenation that heightens concentration and vitality
Expands tissue alkalization for increased energy and proper pH balance
In addition, many individuals have found that magnetic therapy decreases innumerable medical conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, arthritis, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. As well, magnetic bracelets for women may reduce monthly menstrual difficulties such as headaches, tiredness, mood swings and swelling.

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Several studies have been done that support the benefits of magnetic therapy. According to research funded by the Arthritis Research Council in the UK and published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) on 18 December 2004; 194 men and women aged 45-80 years had reduced pain from osteoarthritis of the knee and hip when wearing magnetic bracelets for a period of time. Studies at the New York Medical College and the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas and the New York Medical College had comparable results.
Magnetic Bracelets for Women, More Than Bracelets

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There is a wide array of magnetic jewelry available such as bracelet’s, anklets and rings. Yet compared to other magnetic jewelry, magnetic bracelets are a health-giving preference. Because magnetic bracelets are said to make use of acupressure points on the wrist, holistic benefits are greatly increased. Additionally, magnetic bracelets not only help with wrist problems but may also help with shoulder, neck and arm pain.
Our magnetic bracelets for women are beautifully crafted and may be a natural alternative to painkillers or surgery. We offer a collection of magnetic bracelets that is sure to fit your lifestyle whether it may be contemporary, sophisticated, relaxed and casual or athletically inclined. Since people have multiple interests many buy an assortment of bracelets to accommodate the different lifestyles.
Remember to take off all magnetic jewelry when working on a computer. Magnetic energy can become a conduit for voltage and cause physical harm, damage or destroy a power supply and monitor.
Equally, magnetic jewelry should not be worn if you are pregnant, use a heart pacemaker, internal insulin pump or a dyfibulator. As well, the contents of this site are not intended as a substitute for advice from a qualified professional or physician. If you have any medical conditions consult a licensed healthcare professional before using any magnetic product.
Further Resources:
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Magnetic Sports Bracelets Announces New Jewelry & Accessories in Time for Holiday Season

Tool Band-It Adjustable Magnetic Arm Band

As seen on Discovery Channel’s “Pitchmen”!
Never lose your tools, nails, bolts or patience again!
Keep your tools and parts within reach
The Tool Band-It adjustable magnetic arm band has been featured on the Discovery Channel show “Pitchmen”. Powerful rare earth magnets secure tools, nails, bolts, and more. When two hands are not enough, the Tool Band-It keeps your tools and parts within reach. The Tool Band-It’s patented design is rugged, lightweight and flexible, easily fitting either arm, sized 8-14 inches. Perfect for ladder work, arts and crafts, auto work, home projects, or gardening. It can support up to 25 pounds of tools

List Price: $ 14.99
Price: $ 2.30

Belleair Bluffs, FL (PRWEB) October 28, 2011
This holiday season, is a shoppers one-stop destination for everyone on their gift list. Featuring a new, dazzling array of affordable, high quality jewelry and accessories, including brand name watches and sunglasses in all, nearly 10,000 items – guarantees shoppers will find great gifts, without breaking the bank.
Were excited to bring so many beautiful new products to our customers, with ample time until Christmas. Our selection is bigger than ever, so no matter who youre shopping for – yourself or someone else were confident youll find the perfect item, said Robin Weber, president of takes pride in being just a little different when it comes to unique jewelry. They offer a huge selection of unique and beautiful magnetic bracelets, solid sterling silver jewelry, handcrafted copper bracelets, Tifosi sunglasses, and, new to the list — Anarchy Eyewear sunglasses, and the extraordinary, handmade WatchCraft
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Sabona Magnetic Bracelets Now Available at Select Rite Aid Pharmacies

Sikeston, MO (PRWEB) December 29, 2011
Sabona products, such as Magnetic and Copper Bracelets and Copper Thread Supports, are now available at select Rite Aid pharmacies nationwide.
Wellness initiatives are a growing part of everyday living, as people become increasingly aware of new forms of alternative healthcare, says Ted Faber, Sabonas National Key Accounts Manager. Rite Aids wellness stores feature hundreds of products and services to help their customers and patients meet their health and wellness goals, and Sabona is pleased to have their products included in their offerings.
The limited product mix, priced between $ 12.99 and $ 19.99, includes the new Sabona Pro-Magnetic Sport Wristbands, Copper Wristbands, Athletic Bracelets, and Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets. Sabona Copper Thread Supports, which offer an alternative to the traditional supports with items containing 5% copper threading, are also sold. Sabonas display is located directly in front of the pharmacy, which is clearly visible from the front of the store.
For more information on Sabona Products, call 800-497-4199 or e-mail info(at)sabona(dot)com
About Sabona of London Unlimited, Inc:

Sabona of London, Inc., established in 1959, has a long history as the premier manufacturer and marketer of copper and magnetic jewelry worldwide! The expanded Sabona product line includes Copper Magnetic Bracelets and Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets as well as Pro Magnetic Sport silicone wristbands and Sabona Athletic Bracelets, a line of fabric magnetic bracelets. In addition to magnetic bracelets, Sabona offers Copper Thread Supports, a line of supports for the knee, ankle, elbow, etc. that feature 5% copper thread in the fabric.


# # #

Trion Active Wristband (Black, Medium)

The water-resistant silicone bands combine negative-ions and magnetic technology in a highly functional design to alleviate sweat absorption.
Trion:Z?s twin 1000-guass magnets are structured in our patented Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation to provide increased magnetic field flow.
Colorful, stylish, and comfortable, Active is worn by over 250 pros on the PGA, LPGA, Nationwide, and Champion?s Tours.
The negative-ions in Trion:Z?s necklaces are released in measurable and significant amounts at rates 50 to 100 time higher than competing brands.
New Trionz Bracelet Active Medium Black Magnetic Trion-z. We carry Small 6.8 Inches (17(cm), Medium 7.6 Inches (19cm) and Large 8.4 Inches (21cm). Here is a list of colors we have: Black Yellow Orange Green Red Light Blue, Pink.

List Price: $ 21.95
Price: $ 13.98
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Magnetic Sports Bracelets for Men
Magnetic Sports Bracelets for Men
If you are an avid sports enthusiast you undoubtedly have heard about the many benefits of wearing magnetic sports bracelets. Whether you are a golfer, runner, professional tennis player, cyclist or sports fisherman; there have been numerous testimonies that refer to the health and therapeutic benefits of magnetic sports bracelets for men and women.
Magnetic therapy has been used throughout history. One of the most ancient discoveries dates back to 2000 BC. Records show that China used magnetic therapy for various health and sports treatments. Still today, China utilizes the therapeutic properties of magnetics for healing and rejuvenation therapy.
One of the most noteworthy studies on magnetic energy and their effect on the human body was research done by Linus C. Pauling. In 1954, Linus C. Pauling received a Nobel Prize award in chemistry for uncovering the magnetic properties of hemoglobin. He also discovered that hemoglobin was easily magnetized. When hemoglobin is fully magnetized it is able to transport additional oxygen for energy and remove toxins more easily. Hence, since hemoglobin is the blood protein that carries oxygen and is the ideal carrier of energy, magnetic therapy could improve vitality and increase blood flow especially to painful areas.
Benefits of Using Magnetic Sports Bracelets
Although there is no certain scientific evidence on how magnets might work, there are proposals on the apparent therapeutic properties:
Improved blood quality throughout the body
Raises body temperature in the area being treated
Ionizing effect on blood flow through wrist arteries
Increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissues
Restores normal cellular function and promotes balance
Changes how nerve cells behave and blocks pain signals to the brain
Magnetic therapy is a revolutionary approach to healing, health, recovery and will provide energy reserves when you need it most. It has cutting edge properties that many sport professionals take advantage of. Several golfers testify that they receive an energy boost on the 18th hole that matches the first tee when wearing a magnetic bracelet. Even the golf legend Arnold Palmer used magnetic bracelets to help increase his performance.
There have also been reports that magnetic therapy increases relaxation and reduces stress in some individuals. This therapeutic advantage can either assist in aches and pains or support mental focus. This can be crucial when competing in any sport and may be the added edge needed in winning a game or competition.
Magnetic Sports Bracelets Specially Designed for Athletes
Magnetic bracelets for men come in a wide variety of styles and designs that can fit your individual personality or lifestyle. Even magnetic sports bracelets are specially designed for men who are athletic enthusiasts. In effect, most individuals buy a variety of bracelets for different occasions.
One consideration is to remove all magnetic jewelry when working on a computer. Magnetic energy is quite powerful and can cause physical harm, damage or destroy a monitor and power supply by becoming a conduit for voltage.
As well, magnetic jewelry should never be worn if you use an internal insulin pump, dyfibulator, heart pacemaker or are pregnant. If you have a medical condition it is recommended to seek the advice of a physician or licensed healthcare professional. Additionally, this site is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice.
Further Resources:
For questions on magnetic sports bracelets please feel free to contact us.
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Bioflow Magnetic Bracelets

“The magnetic therapy that changes lives”

Bioflow magnetic bracelets use the most powerful Neodymium magnetic material available. Using the unique CRP magnet technology they produce a unique high strength bi-polar multi-directional magnetic field with maximum power and depth of penetration. The modules never need replacing and carry a lifetime guarantee on the magnetic properties.

These remarkable and unique magnetic bracelets and wristbands are stylish, affordable and effective.

Magnet therapy has been well documented in recent years by the many people who have undeniably benefited from its use. Bioflow magnetic bracelets and wristbands are used by customers worlwide.

There are any number of static magnets on the market of varying strength, making all sorts of claims, however Bioflow is the only product that uses the patented CRP magnet technology.

Bioflow magnotherapy is used to apply magnetic fields to the blood flow. Bioflow is not a cure and does not treat specific ailments or illnesses, however, customers report benefits ranging from small but worthwhile alleviation of symptoms to incredible changes in the quality of their life.

Bioflow magnetic bracelets are used by amateur and professional athletes (including Olympic athletes), sports people and fitness enthusiasts.

Bioflow are high-tech, high-quality powerful magnetic bracelets which should not be confused with metal or copper bracelets or other conventional ordinary magnetic products. Bioflow is unique, original, and the most effective magnotherapy product available.

Bioflow are the only magnetic bracelets with patented multidirectional ‘Central Reverse Polarity’ (CRP) magnet technology providing bi-polar magnetic fields which mimic the pulsed effect and alternating poles of the electromagnetic equipment used in hospitals giving similar benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Bioflow is the only magnotherapy module available which is specifically designed for the application of magnetic fields to the body.
patented magnetic therapy

stylish and affordable

satisfaction guarantee

secure online ordering

natural magnetism

recommended by doctors & therapists

Bioflow is registered as a class 1 medical device.

Bioflow Magnetic Wristbands

Bioflow magnetic wristbands are non-invasive and 100% natural. Bioflow magnetic wristbands use a unique patented multi-directional magnetic field and contain only the highest quality neodymium permanent magnets.
Bioflow products are registered as a Class 1 medical device (Europe).


Now only Ł27.50. Save Ł10.00.

click here
The CLASSIC is a single module Bioflow magnetic wristband in black.

The comfortable strap features a Velcro type fastener making it easier for people with arthritic fingers.

Tax Free Ł22.92


Now only Ł49.95. Save Ł15.00.

click here
The EXPLORER2 is a smart and discreet relay model Bioflow wristband with a practical webbing strap and stainless steel module casing.

Tax Free Ł41.63


Now only Ł59.95. Save Ł20.00.

click here
The EXECUTIVE is exceptionally comfortable to wear, this ageless design features a discreet stainless steel Bioflow module beneath a soft leather strap with an integral relay magnet.

Smart & stylish. Available in black or brownleather. Ladies model available with black leather strap.

Tax Free Ł49.96


Now only Ł69.95. Save Ł20.00.

click here
The WINDSOR is new for 2014. This sleek wristband includes three Bioflow CRP modules, matt stainless steel casing and a modern carbon fibre inlay.

Sleek and ultra-modern it is exceptionally comfortable to wear and available with a soft leather or a silicone rubber strap.

Tax Free Ł58.29

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magnetic bracelets
magnetic wristbands
bioflow boost kits
bioflow pet collars

Stress and inflammation (together with the resulting pain experienced by many sports people and fitness enthusiasts) may cause an excess of lactic acid to be produced by the body.

The importance of maintaining the correct pH balance is vital to the life of cells in the body – but the pH level of a cell can only be neutralised by the movement of electrons in and out of the cell. Therefore an acidic cell (low pH) can be neutralised by accepting electrons, and an alkaline cell (high pH) can be neutralised by donating electrons.

Without the movement of electrons, pH levels cannot change and the benefits are not felt.

Bioflow Central Reverse Polarity (CRP) magnets are superior to any other static magnet because they are specifically designed to move electrons. It is important to choose a high quality CRP magnet. Bioflow magnotherapy products are the only modules which use Central Reverse Polarity magnets specifically designed to apply the magnetic fields to the body.

Many sporting injuries/conditions are the result of excess lactic acid production. This has a detrimental effect on the body’s pH balance and triggers the brain to respond as pain.

By increasing the circulation to and around an injury site, pain can be alleviated and the healing process accelerated.

Bioflow is registered as a class 1 medical device.

Customer Comments:

“… I would like to report that after only 30 days of wearing my Bioflow I have experienced several benefits of its use.

I have been in the sport of athletics for over thirty years and represented Great Britain and Wales at major championships. During the last ten years or so I have had several injury problems resulting in short and long term lay offs from running.

I am convinced that had I been introduced to Bioflow I would have experienced recovery earlier and easier. Over the past few weeks or so I have felt better and more relaxed, the Bioflow is working. I have not felt the need to visit the physio, take pills or contemplate going to the doctor with any of my problems.

I am currently the England cross country team coach and manager and during the course of my duties with teams at home and abroad, would have no hesitation but to recommend to any of my charges the Bioflow products with the message, no arguing, just buy one…”

Ron McAndrew (Coach & England Team Manager)


bioflow bracelets
bioflow wristbands
bioflow boost kits
bioflow pet collars

Testimonials are provided for information only, they represent the personal views of the customer and the benefits they have experienced using the products. There is no guarantee that you will experience similar benefits as a result of using Bioflow products. Please also note that whilst Bioflow is Registered as a Class1 Medical Device it is not intended to take the place of any other treatment that might be available or relevant to a particular condition.
“…I am a retired GP with forty years experience in the medical profession. I am also a former lecturer and examiner in Health Education for London University….. within a few hours of starting to wear the Bioflow, I noticed a slight improvement in the mobility of my shoulder, and after a few days full mobility of the shoulder was restored. Within the same period of time the cervical spine pain had gone completely.

Provided I wear the Bioflow, I am completely pain free and do not take any relief medication. In my opinion these considerable improvements in my health are entirely due to wearing the Bioflow…”
Dr Barbara L McGregor
“… I would just like to inform you that in my dealings during 2005 with various companies you stand out above the rest for your helpfulness, speed of service, uncomplicated procedures and general efficiency. I do believe in giving accolades where they are earned.

The new bracelet is giving good service…. Thank you for this.”
Lorna Borland
“… I have been thrilled with the effects that I have experienced from my Bioflow. I am sleeping better, and am now free of the almost daily tension headaches from which I had been suffering for more than a year. I did not like to keep taking pain-killers, and it is now very unusual for me to have to do so. Thank you!
Mrs S Risbridger
I have arthritis and have been in a lot of pain. Yesterday, I put on my Bioflow …. and today – no pain!
Dr Jo Foster
I am writing to let you know about the huge difference the Biopad has made to our 11 yr old dog: she has reverted from ageing rapidly to having a mischievous sparkle in her eyes again, being very happy and waking us up for the day to start c5.30am! We feel confident to take her to the Lake District again to celebrate!

You were convinced this product would work and it has, way beyond our expectations. Thank you very much.
Tiffany Bright
This product is fantastic it has helped me so much, it is magic!!!
Having purchased a bioflow bracelet for my husband 4 months ago I have been extolling the benefits of this unbelievable product to my friends and family.

My husband had been suffering from chronic sciatic pain for about 3 years and was taking regular physiotherapy and pain medications. About 2 weeks after he started to wear the magnet, my very synical husband was pain free and a very happy camper!
Heather Cook
My husband is so pleased with his I’m getting one too.
I am a firm believer in Bioflow products. I have on one my Jaguar car and it does 23 to the gallon instead of 17- paid for itself in a month! I have one on the water supply into the house and the kettle hardly ever furrs up ! I have one on the gas supply and I have had to turn the boiler down because it was so efficient.

I also have a Bioflow Boost Kit, which alleviates phantom pains ( I have a false leg, and phantom pains are real curse !). I also use the boost one my right leg ( my good one !) because I am sure it helps the circulation.
I certainly felt the difference when I was without it, in particular unable to sleep at night with back pain. Now that has left me again and I am sleeping through the night.

The garden needed a lot of attention on my return including heavy digging. Yesterday I decided to try the really heavy jobs. I worked for one and a half hours with no pain whatesoever. This was unthinkable a year ago before I INVESTED in one of your bracelets.

This is 100% better than loading yourself up with drugs. Long may you prosper.
Mr. W.J.Martin
Yesterday morning we contacted you about Bioflow magnets, we received excellent advice, and if we ordered before 11.30 am you would put one in the post. We did, you did and we received it this morning. So thank you very much for an excellent service.

From a very satisfied customer.
R & A Battarbee
Just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery of my Bioflow which arrived this morning. I am really grateful to you for such great service.
Heather Madle
I really appreciate this as the bracelet has been invaluable! I had a bone graft in my wrist about 10 years ago which gave me quite intense, intermittent pain which could not be treated. Since wearing the bracelet I have been virtually pain free.
Hayley Wainwright
“…about a year ago I developed pain in my knees, particularly one of them. This pain was quite severe when I made any ascent or descent. I tried various remedies, but to no avail. On seeing a physiotherapist, she confirmed I should not avoid using my knee joints, as I had been doing for some months, as the pain had been so bad.

Fortunately at this time a friend of mine introduced me to the Bioflow wrist strap. Within one week the pain in my knees had decreased and now, some months later. I rarely suffer any pain, even climbing up and down hills. I can only continue to ‘spread the word’ and thank you for such a marvelous product…”
Pamela Baker
I have been delighted with my Bioflow Monet and have had many comments on how nice it looks as a bracelet and have recommended Bioflow to many of my friends and colleagues.

I am still amazed that after suffering for years with quite severe back pain following a head-on car crash, that I have very few problems even as a “bad” golfer. My Bioflow has probably saved me hundreds of pounds in Osteopath bills.

Thank you for your excellent customer service and please be assured of my continued custom.
Simon Orme
Thank you so much for your prompt delivery of my order for a Duet. The bracelet arrived in this morning’s post. I have to say I have been most impressed by your help and service with regard to this item and the Elite I ordered for my husband.

My daughter, an Image Consultant, admired it and stated it looked a classic and expensive piece of jewelry, high praise indeed. Thank you .. what brilliant service !
Tracy Milner
I recently purchased a wrist strap and have found it to be very effective. I have stopped taking the anti inflamitories (which also caused indigestion) as the hip pain has reduced to a minor inconvenience.
Martin McBurnie
My elbow pain disappeared within a month ( I could not lift anything with my left arm). I waited passing the following winter to tell you that the pain never came back. I am wearing the bioflow all the time.
Jean Michel Morelieras
Having been very active in swimming, cycling and climbing – I have had no excercise for around 4 months – I strongly believe thanks to my bioflow wristband I am now restarting all of these activities! I have no problem in recommending this to any of my friends and aquaintances…
Nigel Jones
Clich�s and commonly used words would belittle how much your Bioflow bracelet has changed my life! I have been on Steroid injections for the past three years and had to come off them because of my weight gain.

I have undergone physio and various other treatments. I used to dread going to bed because I knew I would wake up in absolute agony in my right shoulder and neck. A colleague invited me to try her BIOFLOW bracelet. I wore it on the Friday and on the Saturday morning I woke up totally free from any pain ….. it’s miraculous and my quality of life is indescribably so much better.
Judy Hamblen
I have had magnificent results using bioflow boots on my horse who had a tendon injury.
Tania Wreford
I bought a bangle from you and was sceptical about the possible success of the piece but was really struggling with a bad back and othercomplaints and thought it was worth a try.

Well…. it took a few months for me to realise that the symptoms had improved but I felt I should advise you of what happened recently ….

We were celebrating my husbands 40th Birthday and had a party at home, meal out etc, I took the bracelet off on the Friday and forgot to put it back on. By the Tuesday I wasnt sleeping, with aches and pains appearing in all the old places, plus my carpal tunnel had re-ocurred with a vengeance. It took me a while to realise why i wasnt well !!!!!

I had to start taking pain killers again!!! something I havent done for many months. I have had the bracelet back on for 2 weeks and I can now feel the benefit.

Moral of this story … never take it off !!! IT WORKS !!! THANK YOU.
Carolyn Richardson
I have been very pleased with the product and have been freed from the painful tennis elbow I once suffered.

I have also noticed that the asthmatic symptoms I had experienced since childhood have been dramatically reduced therefore reducing my medication requirement, and enabling me to lead a more active life.
Lorraine Wright (Nurse)
My Husband has been delighted with your product and has felt the benefits from wearing it.
Lynne S Ralph
I have a Bioflow that was my wife’s, I have started to wear it due to pains in my right knee and have been surprised that the relief it has given me, I purchased it for her about 5 years ago, and was amazed that it gave her a lot of relief from her back pain, I also purchased one for the petrol pipe line on my car, also one for the mains water supply to my house, and the difference to the furring up of the kettle has been outstanding.
Mr A Coles
I purchased a bioflow collar for my old golden retriever at Crufts, it has amazingly given him a quality of life that I wouldn’t expected.
Rachael Corbett
I have been wearing your Bioflow bracelets for 18 months now, and have experienced a definite improvement in the arthritis in my knee joints.
Sylvia Heathcote
Without going OTT, it has ‘done wonders’ for me and I am so glad that I decided to give it a try.
Ian Thomas
Having ordered two Ultra wrist bands from you last month, I am writing to say that we are very impressed with their effectiveness.
Rebecca Paterson
My arthritic pain was eased by wearing my bioflow .
Ailsa Mackay
I am very pleased with the product and although I only wear it during waking hours have found that it has reduced my attacks of Familial Mediterranean Fever from 4 times a year to only one every 14-15 months as well as enabling me to handle stressful work periods without the health problems that used to effect me. This has benefited my way of life enormously and recommend the use of it to anyone who enquires what I am wearing.
Vernon Schutte
I purchased one of your Reflex Explorers in May this year, I have been very pleased with the benefits I am getting, so much that I bought my wife one of your gold bracelets.
Archie Moore
My dog had a Bioflow collar a year and a half ago, he was 15 at the time and very sore and stiff. Since he had his collar, he has no pain, can get up by himself and is very supple. I want one!!!
Pat Evans
Thank you for the Bioflow dog collar. He’s had the collar for only two weeks but the difference in him is unbelievable. I will certainly recommend your product to other dog owners.
Mr W Tanner
Just a quick message to let you know how pleased I have been with the Reflex Ecomagnet which I bought earlier this year. On the recommendation of a friend I decided to try it to see if it would help ease some of the pain I have experienced in my right elbow as a result of a climbing accident.

The Doctor diagnosed a form of tennis elbow. This continued to be extrememly painful and responded only to steroid injections which only lasted a matter of weeks and my job as a builder was suffering.

The effect of the magnet started within a couple of days and within 3 weeks the pain had eased considerably. I now wear the Reflex on my right wrist 24 hours a day and I have suffered little or no recurrence of the problem. A great product which does exactly what I had hoped for. Thanks very much.
Kel Palmer
I just wanted to say how very pleased we are with the product we bought from you to try and assist our Golden Labrador Molly, she was suffering badly from Arthritis and indeed we were spending �17.00 a week on drugs to help her.

Then we were told about your products and after about two weeks of wearing the collar she showed an incredible improvement, so much so that she no longer has medication and runs around our local field like a two year old.

Most people are very surprised on her improvement as at one time we struggled to get her to even go out for a walk.

Many thanks and I am sure we will be buying more products from you in the near future.

I find it amazing how it relieves aches. I thought it was a joke when I had a backache and my wife lent me her Bioflow. I just placed it on the spot and I could not believe the pain went.
Mr PC Harper
I ordered a collar for my dog a few months ago and I have been meaning to
contact you to let you know what a huge difference it has made to my dog.

He is a six year old Chow Chow and was suffering badly with arthritis. I have to
say that I was skeptical that the collar would work and I particularly choose your product as it came with the 90 day money back guarantee.

I cannot believe the difference in Zin’s condition since we put the collar on him – he’s like a new dog. I have recommended your product to several friends.
Margaret Adams
I have been wearing the Monet bracelet since just after Christmas

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